Chee Dale

River Through Names (10x10cm version) | Paul Evans and Mark Goodwin

following the course of the river you go
past these various buttresses names

pop up in your mind & these memories
it’s a very human thing but it’s mostly

above you on the rock whilst down
below you’ve got

the course of this thing that is still


This poem consists largely of transcription from an interview with Paul Evans in his studio. ‘Sports Climbing’ is a low risk but extremely gymnastic form of rock climbing that makes use of pre-placed protection in the form of bolts drilled into the rock. Rock climbs, or ‘routes’, tend to be named by the first ascensionist. The name ‘Johnny’ refers to the extremely talented pioneer rockclimber Johnny Dawes. – Mark Goodwin

Click here to listen to Mark Goodwin introducing and reading the full version of this poem on location in Chee Dale.


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