Seven Wonders (Phase 2)

Phase 2 of The Seven Wonders comprises new paintings and drawings by Paul Evans and poems by Angelina D’Roza, Mark Goodwin, Helen Mort, Fay Musselwhite, Alistair Noon and Peter Riley. The 2010 list of wonders has been augmented by two new wonders that we have recently identified as essential to a robust, contemporary appreciation of this extraordinary landscape. Our new ‘Wonders of the Peak’ comprises: Alport Castles, The Burbage Valley, Chee Dale, Hen Cloud, Kinder Downfall, Mam Tor, Peak Cavern, Stanage and Thor’s Cave.

New paintings and poems have been posted in this section from June 2012. The first of the collaborations in the new series was Kinder Downfall (poem by Fay Musselwhite; painting by Paul Evans). Hen Cloud / Hen Prayer (Paul Evans and Mark Goodwin) followed in July; Angelina D’Roza’s collaboration with Evans on Peak Cavern (previewed as part of Longbarrow Press: Scale) appeared in October; The Burbage Valley, a short film comprising six drawings by Evans and a new poem by Alistair Noon, was uploaded in November; Peter Riley’s remarkable prose poem The Ascent of Kinder Scout (represented by two excerpts) was published in December (alongside two new paintings by Paul Evans) as The Downfall (revisited); and Alport Castles (a poem responding to two phases in the making of Evans’ painting) by Mark Goodwin was added in December 2013.

Further work from this series will appear later in 2015. The first stage of a new collaboration with Derbyshire poet laureate Helen Mort can be viewed here.


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