Stanage Volumes (one) | Mark Goodwin

grit rub pencil line brush stroke wind chafe

           big chunk that’s out
           of the skyline

wind tip scrape paper ground wind fibres spread grit paint

           the Stanage material
           is going     to evolve

skin scour breath edge layer dab grit stroke pressure

           kind of view
           point I’m going
           to paint

           I real

           ly like the curve

heather accelerate still light slow fast ground frame

           how Stanage pr
                                   ogresses across the skyline
           or into

           dro    ps then ri    ses again
           dr    ops and r    ises makes

           that big bite is taken

air drip erode tone washed emptied sediment dense

           out of the sky
           so you 

           end up
           with a

           neg    ative vol    ume

slight on bright hard through vapour pour mass

           some ways sums
           Stanage up this wave

Stanage Edge, or simply Stanage (from “stone edge”) is a gritstone escarpment in the English Peak District. Stretching across the Hallam Moors for approximately 6km (3.5miles), it is a world-class venue for rock climbing and the longest of the gritstone edges. Click here to listen to Mark Goodwin reading ‘Stanage Volumes’.

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