Ground-Split / Alport Castles

Alport_Castles_reworkedblink of

one age’s
brink turn

ing on
one grain

of grit

For the latest collaboration in the Seven Wonders series, artist Paul Evans and poet Mark Goodwin travel to Alport Castles, a landslip feature in the Peak District, Derbyshire. The gritstone debris from this landslide towers over the valley for over half a mile; from a distance, the protruding mounds resemble castles. The instability of the site is reflected in Goodwin’s poem, which is also a response to Evans’ painting; you can view the poem and the painting here (for an enlarged view of the poem, click on the link to the PDF at the bottom of the page).

We’ve also uploaded a new recording of Alistair Noon‘s Seven Wonders poem ‘The Burbage Valley’ (the text of which can be viewed here, alongside the first of Paul Evans’ six drawings of Burbage). You can listen to the recording below:

Further work from the Seven Wonders series will appear in 2014, including a new collaboration between Evans and the Derbyshire poet laureate Helen Mort.